First Frost……..Fall Farm Update

In the fall season we have dips in temperature that get ‘nippy’,

and we will see touches of frost, but flower, plants, leaves,can still survive.

Yet, at some point,  we know it’s coming, when the first killing frost

arrives, and all tender plants and fruits die,

for us this year, that was November 2nd.


photo-408      photo-407     photo-409


Now, all the digging and putting away to prepare for the winter begins.

These things needing to be done before the ground actually freezes hard.


As I thought on this frost, I decided to walk about the farm to look for any

veggies that may be left. I wanted to pick them before the frost burnt them.


I ended up with a bowl full of late tomatoes, and peppers and to my surprise

I found this guy which had grown up from scraps thrown to the chickens

earlier this year………….photo-406

As we turn towards the Thanksgiving , it is time to pull down the Sukkah/Sukkot

and savor the memories of the meals and good times we shared.


Bonfires,……… with hot dogs, marshmallows, and smell of

wood burning is now becoming a common.


Then there are leaves……….oh they’ve been falling, here and there,

but now that that first killing frost has come, it as though its snowing leaves.



One thing that also drops off at this time of year are needles,…..pine needles

photo-421  photo-420

it wasn’t until we had a big pine tree in front of our home that I realized just

how many needles a pine tree will shed each year!   The trees are shedding!

So for the next several weeks they will fall, until the trees are naked and bare.

( except for the pines which only keep their new growth )

Stark statues of wood, awaiting the winter winds and ( dare I say it ) …….SNOW  !


Maybe your one of those turkeys asking ..” well whats next on the farm? ”

Uhhhh,……Getting ready for Thanksgiving meal……

Let all the turkeys say……..Gulp!

Yes, that day is coming this months and the turkeys are at 20– 25lbs currently.


We are behind this year in our wood cutting. :-/

Seems as though all my saws are in need of repair,

one with a bad carberator, one with a bent bar, and one that has a hole in the gas tank!

That being said , I have not gotten any wood cut and brrr the cold is already

here! So, I finally broke down and bought a like new saw.

photo-419     photo-418

It came with case, oil , and an extra chain, now I’m ready to go

and over these next few weeks will aim to gather in several pick up loads.

The forecast I’m hearing for this winter is wet and colder than normal, so

we need to gather even more than normal.


Eggs sale are doing very well.

Every year it has been the case, that I get new hens to replace the older ones.

Usually, someone comes along, after I have them past the vunerable stage

in their growth, and ask me to sell them my hens.

Year after year I’ve had to send folks away saying ” NO, these are my laying

hens, I DON”T want to sell!”

Well this year I thought I’d get a head start on this yearly problem and I

bought double the number of hens needed.


So as the time came, I was ready………..and………..nobody asked!????

Now I’m producing double the eggs I need to sell!?……yikes…..what to do.?

We know you can not go wrong giving to God, the bible speaks over from cover

to cover that we should remember the poor, the hungry, the homeless,

so Peg and I decided to sow all our surplus

eggs to a ministry we support called ” 5000″,  These folks go every Sunday

to a certain park where 100’s of the homeless folk gather and feed them.

Every Sunday morning! ( without fail )

We are glad that we can be a part of giving back of the blessing and bounty

we enjoy and serving others who are suffering.  photo-423

It is also a blessing to me, to provide fresh, free range, healthy eggs

for those looking for them. We sell them for $3/dozen


and those who come for them are some of the neatest people.

This month also marks the anniversary of this blog.  It was one year ago

that I began writing and sharing the things going on here and the thoughts

of my heart.

As I think on Thanksgiving,……I am so thankful for all you,  who have read and

enjoyed these writings and for the encouragement that many of you have sent to me!


God Bless, and Shalom



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