God Speaks But , Will We Listen?? Farm Update

Here’s a brief Farm Update:

but before I do, I want to share with you an experience

I just had…….in the tub!??!!

bubble bath


Why.….. you may say……..?

Let just say,  I want to live in…….


I was contemplating a farm update,

feeling a bit under the weather,

So,……I ran a HOT bath, to relax all these tired, sore

muscles and bones.


As I fell asleep , I dreamed a little dream………

In it, I saw Jesus, walking along, and I saw the woman with the

issue of blood , reaching out one hand and calling out…


” Jesus, remember me “, Jesus, turned and she was healed……

Then I saw the thief on the cross next to him and

He called out,…..” Jesus, remember me ! As I watched,… Jesus turned

and answered Him, and that man was allowed into Heaven.


Then, I saw another, I could not see their face, and they reached

out their hand and called out….” Jesus, remember me” , Jesus turned,

smiled, and I woke up.


Then, I heard deep inside my soul the Lord Jesus speaking to me,

saying, tell whoever reading your blog.  that He ( Jesus )

was waiting to help them, heal them, rescue them,

they only need to reach out their hand and call out to Him,…..

.”.Jesus, remember me,…..Jesus, remember me…….Jesus, remember me……..”

Some may turn up their nose at this and say.”who do you think you are,

some kind of faith healer?!?”

My answer to you is ..NO…I’m not anything,  only trying to be obedient

to what I feel He is telling me.

If this is for you,….follow the instructions, and see what Jesus will do…..

If not,…..well,   just skip down to the next story.

God does not respond to deserve…..one can not earn ( be good enough)

His grace, or His goodness or  His virtue. (Healing power.……)

He will not draw close to those who are demanding,

who feel He owes them………. nor does He respond just because

you have a need……….

Jesus heals

He does however respond to the humble…….to the contrite

of heart. He Loves it when we just love Him, with no agenda!

If it’s for you, reach out your hand and say ” Jesus, remember me”

until you feel His Presence and Peace.



Farm Update:

It has been a super busy November and December.

We butchered turkeys, selling to those who had requested them.


We had gotten plenty of hens this year, so egg production is

strong and we have a surplus.

We plan to lower the price back to $2.50 for the month of January.

I have been redoing flower beds as I get the chance, some have been

needing reworked for 2-3 years ( finally getting to it ).

photo-430  “Ahhhhhhh!”

What happens over the years is plants, trees, weeds, grasses,

work their way into your nicely thought out garden and take up

residence! Grrr… Often forcing the good plants you put there to

not reach their potential, or die.

On top of that, perennials multiply!  So after a few years they need

to be separated for more root room. If the root begins to grow on top

of each other, the blooms become smaller and fewer. Eventually

the plants will be there but you get no blooms! 🙁

I have about 6 of these such gardens that need reworked.

At this date I’ve completed …….2…….

.photo-428  photo-427


In this one I dug 3 roses, cleaned all the dead matter off the root and

the top, then reset them.


As I’ve purged the Irises, I reset a number of healthy plants

and throw out the sickly ones. Yet, I have a bunch left over from

their multiplying .

photo-432     photo-114

I may have 50+ of this color. Let me know if you’d like a start.

Lilies lifted and reset. I have starts of these I would part with too.

photo-289   photo-9

I also have a number of these Iris colors to share……

10256042_10203594843129036_4338626035418797943_n   photo-10

This week end I will be dividing these colors below

and may have some of each of them as well……

photo-110   photo-113   photo-115


It was late fall when we discovered that one of our bee colonies had been

invaded and compromised.

A small moth had gotten in and the colony wasn’t strong enough to

force it out. So that nasty moth laid it’s eggs in the cavities where the

queen was to lay!…. ;-/

When we went to see if they had enough honey to survive the winter

we found and empty hive and THIS!


So …. start all over…….

For Christmas eve we decided we wanted to give a gift to Jesus.

It IS His birthday anyway. How,….How? we thought and thought…..

Jesus said when you do something for the least of his brothers

you do it for Him.


So…..we looked for those who were alone, had nobody.

We put on a feast, sang, hugged them, loved on them.

Gave them a small gift……They were blessed and I trust

Jesus was too.

As we turn to this last week of December, I will turning my focus

on what goals and dreams to set for 2015.

As well as those seed catalogues!  coming at the rate of about

one per day! 🙂

photo-224   photo-13

Other work we regularly keep up on is keeping our wood supply

stocked for the wood stove!

Thanks so much for being a part of our year.

Shalom means more than peace, it also means completeness,

wholeness,……..I pray Shalom over all you our readers , now, and

through-out 2015!

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