Let’s Build a Sukkah

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Now some of are already asking…..a what?

A Sukkah, a booth, a temporary shelter.

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It is one of the items needed to celebrate the Feast Of Tabernacles.


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Which is the last one of the 7 Feasts of the Lord found in




When Moses was on the mountain receiving instructions

from God, These Holy days and times were established.

Not …Just as the 10 commandments.

Yes, the Jewish people obeyed and observed them,

but make this note,  they didn’t make them

up.   These Holy Days were not their idea, but God’s!!!

He called them to exist and

He commanded them to kept forever,……to me means…..

forever!      Never stop remembering these times!!

God said these times were His Holidays.

This,.. Feast of Booths/Tabernacles,   will be

celebrated to the end of time.

Even in the prophetic book of Zechariah  14:16-19

it tells us that even during the reign of Christ Jesus on

Earth as King, they will be honoring this Holiday.

So,…… I choose to do it now…….why not?

To do so, each year we build a Sukkah / a Booth.

A sukkah must have four walls.

If you don’t have enough material to build four full walls,

you can use the wall of an already existing structure

such as a house to complete one side of the sukkah.

Any material can be used to make the walls.

The only requirement with regards to material

is that it is strong enough to withstand a normal gusts

of wind to prevent a candle from being blown out.

If cloth is used for the walls,  it must be tied down so that

it doesn’t flap in the wind.

The Sukkah must be at least big enough to set a table

and chairs to share a meal in.

The roof of your sukkah should be made of natural materials

that grow in the ground and have been detached from it.

Examples include straw, cornstalks, tree branches and bamboo reeds.

Narrow beams of wood are also permissible.

The finished roof should provide shade from the sun

but allow you to see the stars at night.

Rain should be able to come through the covering as well.

Here is a picture of our last years model…..

photo-151  1266592_10201853057625487_1404862768_o  1273921_10201895870495782_1260539181_o

Normally what is built is large enough for your family to

share a meal together.  Since we have over 25 each time we

gather, we need a large Sukkah.  Add to that the fact that we

enjoy company and serving others,

( always room for a few more ) we need a big one.

Sukkahs are as unique as those who build them.

Each year I change it up and build it a little differently.

This is a part of my joy and fun,….

( Yes……. old guys can still have fun !  🙂  )

The requirements were mentioned above, so let your

creativity flow.  Here are some others designs…..

sukkah 1  sukkah 2

  sukkah 4

I like to use 2×2’s and or furring strips for framing members,

to give it strength I tie them to fence posts……

891884_10201853023424632_1707683944_o  1264453_10201853072545860_299997756_o

Then add and inner row and tie on my roof 2×2’s.


photo-397  photo-401

I like to add a tarp on the bottom part of the roof to

help with shelter, but the front part is only covered

with branches so we can we out and watch the stars.

Or to see the super moon that is to be seen September 28th,

Or  just keep an eye on God as they did in the first decades

of keeping this feast…….


Once the sukkah is up and covered, we decorate the inside.

Decorating a sukkah is one of the fun Sukkot activities.

Children especially like to help  and will often make decorations for the

sukkah. Examples of sukkah decorations include drawings, paintings,

colorful paper chains, wind chimes and streamers.

I even like to take flowers and fruit from the gardens and

hang them from the roof or weave them into the walls.

Lights are also added giving it a warmth and making

it a great place to sit out and visit on a cool evening.

It also makes a great place to read and pray.


Blessing and Shalom to all who read!



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