Oh to feel good!


‘Doesn’t it feel good,…just to feel well!

Ahhh, to feel healthy….Alert…Alive !!

For all too many folks, its almost hard to remember

the last time they didn’t have some kind of pain.

When they didn’t feel tired of just plain …bluck!


In many cases our not feeling well isn’t a product of

bad luck, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Its really a result of apathy and or ignorance!

In Genesis we read the creation account.

God the creator, by His design, brings things to life.

In this account in chapter 1 verses 29-30 He states:

“I have given you every green herb for food”, The

plants and trees/fruit were to yield food for mankind

and the animal kingdoms.


Make the note…we did not design our bodies!

Our creator did and He did it in such a way that we

should ” Live long and prosper “.  Eating fruit and veggies

were a big part of that plan.

I’m not sure when or how it started but somewhere

after man fell into sin….He/She, began eating meat.


Though it wasn’t God’s first plan or best, God allowed

it in our lives…….

Science tells us that nutritionally a man should eat

8-10 portions of natural fruits and veggies each day in their

diet and women 7-8.

This is for good health…..for feeling well…..good.

Our bodies were made with a ph balance.

A level of 7 being optimal .


Yet, we are curious creatures, who like to experiment,

so we began eating other things not on the original

menu . We began creating foods that brought us pleasure.

wonderful for the taste buds…..sweet with lots of sugars

we created, fatty, salty,…..whatever made our palate dance

with joy…..with no regard for health.

bad foods

With no thought about the the creators design or balance,

we became addicts of flavors, fiz, and salt!

We now… live to eat,…..instead of eat to live.

The trouble with this philosophy it does not take into

account what these wonderful tasting food were doing

inside our balanced bodies……..

You see to keep a good ph level, you can not let acid producing

foods build up their acidic deposits but must add foods that

balance in proportion.

Like a fire, that never says enough, the more acidic our

bodies become the more it craves. The stronger the cravings,

the more of the wrong stuff we consume, it becomes

like cancer that eats away until it brings death.

The major minerals that bring the balance are calcium,

potassium, magnesium, and sodium.


The major chemicals that produce acid are, phosphorus,

sulpher, and chlorine.

Animal meats are higher in all of these last three.

Dairy has calcium but high in phosphorus .

Once made into cheese the good is removed and only

the bad remains……

One cup of milk and one cup of broccoli have approx. the same

amount of calcium, but the body can extract twice as much

of that goodness from the broccoli than from the milk.


So….why is an acidic ph in our bodies bad?

An acidic body is basicly toxic!

Being poisioned…..experiencing a slow death.

toxic-waste  toxic poison_sign

Acidic bodies……hold onto fat and gain weight faster,

Acidic bodies…..age quicker,

Acidic bodies….Have lots less energy, have poor digestion ,

and they find themselves often sluggish

Acidic bodies…..attract disease, viruses, and cancers.

What things in daily life create this in us?


Flour, sugar, all processed foods,( out of a bag or box ),

red meat, dairy, achachol , tea, coffee, soft drinks, even

some bottled water is acidic,.

add to that stress, household cleaners, chemicals we

roll on or spray on our bodies, chemicals we breathe in.

All adds to the acidic condition.

Now our bodies aren’t just taking it all in, the natural processes

inside us are fighting to balance that ph and work out these

toxins and acids, but the body needs those raw minerals to work

with to get the job done. When those minerals aren’t being

supplied in our diet, the body looks to borrow them from

whatever place it can find them stored.

Bones, teeth, organs, …..thus those areas begin to weaken and

suffer for the acidity.

Someone may chide, ” oh come on it isn’t that bad ”

Uhhh …well…you decide…..Its proven that it takes

’32’…..8 oz glasses of water ( non acidic ) to balance the effect

of one 12 oz. coke.!


Acidic condition breaks down, your digestive system,

Intestinal, cirulatory, respriatory, and worst of all

your immune systems. ( which means your going to

catch whatever is going around ! )

Cancer thrives in an acidic body, it can not grow when the ph levels are balanced and 7+!

SO……What can we do about this????

  •  Eat to live…. add more .fruits and veggies, drop some of the bad foods.
  • Drink more water,( non acidic )
  • Because we can’t change enough of our eating add to our daily routine “greens” or something like it. Greens from It Works company, is specifically designed to help correct this condition and the problems it causes.     It contains 38 herbs, and super foods, as well as 8 serving of organic fruits and veggies all in 2 scoops you add to your water or juice.



It will detox, balance your ph, and help build your immune system!

It is a small thing you can do that will yield a big difference in your health.

We know first hand as we have used it for 5+ years and have seen our immune systems hold up. when all around us were getting sick, we remained strong and we are both near 60 in age….

For more information about this you can text me,( 615-491-0624 )  or go to



To Life!



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