About Me

Hi and welcome to Thoughts from the Farm!

My Name is Ed, ( Edward Leroy Tobin II ).

I was born in Mercer County Ohio.  June 3, 1956ne 3, 1956
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I am the oldest child of 10! I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters.

I am married to Peggy Brandt Tobin and have been since May 7, 1976.

We have 7 beautiful children and 14 grandchildren ( and counting ).

While in college, I felt a call to ministry, and pursued that calling

which has caused me to be an associate pastor, music minister, and

senior pastor over the coarse of 30 years.

To help pay the bills, I learned the construction trade, and have done

plumbing, electric, framing, deck building, roofing, siding, concrete, kitchens,

baths, drywall, trim work, painting, and most everything. So for about 24 years

I have had a renovation business.

I love music, singing, and harmonies,

I love flowers, Zinnas, Roses, Irises, Daliahs, Sunflowers, lillys, and if you

should stop by the farm, from early spring on,  you will find my place lit with


I love to write, and have written music, skits ( living parables as we call them ),

I love to teach, and pour into others and see them “get it”.

I love a wood stove and watching a warm fire in the winter.

Most of all I love God, who found me , revealed himself to me, saved me,

and continues to, daily,  as I walk with Jesus, and try to make HIM famous.

I love the sweet spirit of God, who is my constant companion, my teacher,

my guide, the one who refreshes my memory, and empowers me at the right time

to do what needs done.

And…..if you should take the notion, to keep up with this blog,

…..you’ll get to know me a lot deeper,  as I pour my heart , out about life,

the farm,  and our world!




  • Peg says:

    Keep up the good work honey 🙂

  • doug market says:

    Hi Ed. My name is Doug. I am from Wapakoneta and went to church with Peggy when we were kids. I also play music (sax piano trumpet and a few other things). I am a broken down electrician and have done remodeling. Just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful site. I enjoyed reading even though I just started. You have a wonderful place and good sound ideals. God bless you and keep up the great work//

    • edandpeg says:

      Hello Doug, Welcome to the blog! Thank-you for your encouragement! I hope you do keep coming back as I plan to continue to pour out stories, tips, traditions, how to’s and eventually music here. I encourage you to subscribe so you’ll get notified when something gets posted. Looking forward to getting to know you!…………..Ed

  • beth parker says:

    The music is very uplifting, edifying and encouraging…Very blessed!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with others..May God richly bless you!!!
    Shalom, shalom

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